Policies and Guidance

Researchers must understand and adhere to their obligations under federal export controls regulations. Northwestern University's Office for Export Controls and Compliance (OECC) assists investigators to comply with export control laws, however the primary responsibility rests with the person engaged in exporting activities. The consequences for violating these regulations can be severe, including significant monetary penalties and/or prison time. Please contact OECC with any questions or concerns.


Export Controls Compliance Policy, approved, May 1, 2014


What is an Export?
Learn how the regulations define what is an export and get a list of relevant countries subject to sanction by the Federal government.

Also see Guidance for Researchers page to learn when export control regulations are applicable and how it may affect your research.

Do Export Controls Apply to Your Research?
Use our Decision Tree to find out.

Export Management & Compliance Program (EMCP)
Northwestern’s Office for Export Controls Compliance is developing its EMCP, which will help guide all Northwestern personnel through the export control regulations as they apply to universities. The first element of this EMCP is Northwestern’s Policy On Export Controls Compliance. Additional elements will be published as available.

Additional Resources
Visit the Resources page for links to relevant Federal Agencies and other organizations.

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